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DISC Accreditation When? How? Where? What?

 DISC Accreditation

What is DISC Accreditation?

After completing your DISC Accreditation you will:

  • Understand why DISC is not a personality assessment
  • Understand what information DISC cannot show and which assessments can
  • Understand the history of the DISC Model
  • Understand the highs and lows of all four factors
  • Understand how to interpret your own DISC graph
  • Understand how to interpret other’s DISC graphs
  • Understand Natural and Adapted Style
  • Understand the physical consequences of long periods of behavioural adaption
  • Understand Natural and Adapted Behaviour disparity
  • Understand how debrief a Behavioural Profile
  • Understand how to behaviourally benchmark a job
  • Understand the importance of Validity and Adverse Impact studies
  • Understand what DISC Accreditation IS
  • Understand what DISC Accreditation is NOT

Materials and Resources:

  • “A Universal Language-DISC” Hardback Reference Manual. Over 300 pages of everything you could possible need to know about DISC-referred to by practitioners as “The DISC Bible”.
  • 1 DISC Assessment to be completed by the delegate to be used as a training aid during the training programme
  • 3 additional DISC Assessments to be completed by friends, family and colleagues to be used as feedback case studies during the training programme.
  • TTI Success Insights UK DISC Programme Workbook.
  • TTI Success Insights UK DISC Programme Course Notes
  • TTI Success Insights UK DISC Programme Hand Outs and Learning Crib sheets


Who Should Attend DISC Accreditation?

  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Learning and Development Professionals
  • Organisational Development Professionals
  • Management Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Change Agents
  • Business Consultants


TTI Success Insights UK’s DISC Training and Certification programme will enable you to accurately give feedback and comprehensively debrief the following assessments:

  • TTI Success Insights DISC-Management Staff Version
  • TTI Success Insights DISC-Sales Version
  • TTI Success Insights DISC-Team Building Version
  • TTI Success Insights DISC-Customer Service Version
  • TTI Success Insights DISC-Interviewing Insights General Version
  • TTI Success Insights DISC-Interviewing Insights Sales Version

For more information on TTI Success Insights UK and their assessments please visit

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Prestudy requirements:

  • No pre-course studying is required to attend any of the TTI Success Insights UK’s DISC Training and Certification programme. Joining instructions with information on how to complete your DISC profiles to be used as case studies will be issued to each delegate two weeks before the course start date.

*Starting time:

*Finishing time:

DISC Accreditation