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Looking for a Leading Disc Training Provider in the UK?

Get Disc Accredited Online Within 24 Hours or Less

Separate yourself from other business coaches and consultants with a globally recognised DISC accreditation from the UK’s leading disc training company.

100,000+ Client Trained

Our tools are used by businesses of all sizes, from independent DISC coaches to multi-national companies.

30M+ Tests Administered

A DISC assessment is created by us every 7 seconds. We’re at the forefront globally when it comes to personality testing. 

Operating for 30+ Years

We’ve been on the cutting edge of disc assessments since 1984. We have the experience to transform your business via DISC.

In-House DISC Training

Emotional Intelligence Training


Work With a Leading Provider of Behavioural Courses

Our Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst (CPBA) certifications are well-known and highly regarded worldwide. They are internationally recognised certifications that signify a person’s understanding of the DISC assessment.

If you are looking for an accreditation process to help you understand and apply the DISC model, our DISC Accreditation is a powerful addition to your qualifications.

Achieve Results for Your Clients That Are Real, Impactful & Powerful

After using our DISC assessments and working with our associates, businesses and individuals experience:

Better communication

Increased employee retention

Better hiring accuracy

Improved productivity

Better workplace engagement

More effective management

Reduced stress within teams

DISC Assessments Aren’t Created Equally

Our cutting edge assessments provide a deeper level of insight than any other assessments.

Our assessments help individuals and organisations perform at their best by understanding & applying the unique talents they possess.

Rigorously Tested

Our last study analysed over 90 million decisions from 300,000+ people. You can trust our assessments are validated.

Normalised for UK

Our DISC questionnaire uses local data samples that take into account local impacts.

Personalised Reporting

You won’t get a “general description” of a person’s behaviour. Each report gives feedback on all 4 DISC styles.

Technologically Advanced

We were the first company in the world to computerise the DISC assessment.

Neuroscience Grounding

We use the latest neuroscience and EEG brain imaging research in the R&D of our assessments.

Easy to Understand

Our profiles aren’t full of technical mumbo jumbo. They are designed for time-conscious business people with practical workplace goals.

Selected Among the Top Training & Assessment Companies in 2019

Awarded by Training Industry.

Over 30 million assessments administered worldwide.

Assessments distributed in 115 countries and 47 languages.

Our network has a presence in 58 countries around the world.

The leading UK Provider of disc Training

Trusted By Over 100,000+ Businesses Since 1984.

If you’re an independent consultant, coach or trainer, you’ll be getting access to tools used multi-national companies to help better manage their teams and boost productivity.

Join 7,000+ Consultants & 100,000+ Businesses Using Our Tools

“We highly recommend using TTI SI assessments. Our clients are always amazed when they read their reports. They ask us, ‘How did you know all this about me?’

Isabel Jackson,

CFO and Vice President, The Essex Group

“TTI assessment results really highlighted employees’ strengths and areas for improvement. They have a valuable tool all companies can benefit from.” .

Wade Johnson

CEO, Valor Health

“TTI assessments have made a big difference in our team and solved historic challenges. We use it for our hiring process and our existing management team.” 

Marty Smith

CEO, Alarm Tech Solutions

Get DISC Accredited for 5 Monthly Payments of £99

You can try our training risk-free for 7 days. If it’s not right for you, simply let us know and we’ll arrange a refund.

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